Payment buttons

Payment buttons is the simplest way to add cryptocurrency payments to your website, online store or blog. It's great for personal payments, shopping cart integration, or donations. Generating a payment button doesn't require any programming skills and could be done in just a few seconds via our button generator (shown below).
Though it may look very simple, payment button is a powerful merchant tool to accept cryptocurrency. A payment button on your page opens a hosted checkout page, where your customer can choose preferred payment method and complete payment.
Button generator

Our user-friendly button customizer allows you creating unique-looking button which suits best to your website or blog. Easily adjust size, color, icon and text on your button.

To create a payment button go to the MERCHANT section of your account and click on the Payment buttons tab.

Item/service name (required)

Name of an item or service to display on the checkout page.

Item/service description

Description of an item or service to display on the checkout page.

Order/invoice #

Optional order/invoice identifier for your records.

Payment amount (required)

Invoice amount and currency. Payable amount in cryptocurrency will be calculated automatically once a customer chooses preferred payment method.

Please note: Your customers will be able paying you only in those cryptocurrencies, which you have opened in your Cryptonator account.

Default success URL

To redirect your customers after a successful payment.

Default fail/cancel URL

To redirect users after failed or cancelled payments.


Once a button is generated, you’ll be given a few lines of HTML code to copy and paste into your website. This will add the button to your page.

Buttons can be thought of as disposable (they are just a way to hard code a name and price into a code attribute) so if you mess up you can always start over by pressing the "Reset settings" button.