Quickstart guide

You can create your free merchant account with just an email and password. No setup fees or upfront costs, no annoying and time-consuming verification process. In just a few minutes after a registration you'll be able accepting cryptocurrency payments on your website. 

1. Create a merchant account

In order to be able accessing merchant tools and payment API you need to open a merchant account. Just select the "Merchant account" tab on the signup page to open one. Please note, that Personal accounts don't have access to the merchant tools.

2. Select cryptocurrency accounts

In your account settings switch on cryptocurrency accounts you need. Your customers will be able paying you only in those currencies, which you have enabled in your account settings. You can enable / disable these accounts at any time.

Cryptonator also enables an automatic exchange rule for any of your cryptocurrency accounts. If activated, any funds deposited to such an account will be automatically exchanged to the selected currency (USD, EUR etc.) at an actual exchange rate.

3. Complete your merchant profile

In the MERCHANT section of your account, check the Profile&Branding tab, where you can add a website and description of your business. This information will be displayed on the checkout page.

4. Create your first payment button

Payment buttons can be generated on the merchant dashboard and embedded anywhere on your website, with no additional setup required. Our user-friendly button customizer allows you creating unique-looking button which suits best to your website or blog.

Please note the required fields Item name and Payment amount. Once you have created your button, simply copy and paste its code to your website.

5. Integration via payment API

For advanced automated processing or payments, which requires some programming skills, please check the Payment API and integration section or download SDK for PHP on GitHub.