Merchant advanced settings

You can find these settings in the MERCHANT section of your account, tab "Advanced settings". Use them to set up the automation of payment processing.

Your merchant ID

Unique merchant identifier, UUID formatted.


A secret to sign all requests to our payment API. It is also used to validate HTTP-notifications.

You must keep your secret in a safe, cool and dry place and never expose it to anybody. If you believe that you secret was compromised, you can always re-generate it. 

Callback URL

To receive instant HTTP-notifications when invoice status changes

Success URL

URL to redirect users after successful payments

Failed URL

URL to redirect users after failed or expired payments

Default confirmation policy

You can choose when a cryptocurrency transaction is marked as paid and the success URL is fired.

  • Fast - 0 network confirmations. I.e. as soon as transaction is seen on the network. Normally, in 10-60 seconds after the payment.
  • Normal - 1 network confirmation. For Bitcoin normally 5-10 minutes. Other cryptocurrencies from 1 to 5 minutes.
  • Slow - at least 3 network confirmations. For Bitcoin normally 15-20 minutes. Other cryptocurrencies from 5 to 10 minutes.

IMPORTANT: Set confirmation policy to Fast for better and faster checkout experience. However, there is a slight chance, that a transaction could take several hours (or days) to confirm and post to your account. In very rare cases, it could be not confirmed at all. Choose wisely between checkout speed and payment reliability and use at your own risk. This setting is mainly recommended for digital downloads.