Hosted checkout page

Using our click-to-pay and scan-to-pay payment system, customers experience fast and easy shopping experience from any device. Our responsive checkout page perfectly fits to any screen from desktops to smartphones and supports all major languages to accommodate global customers.

A payment button on your page opens a hosted checkout page, on which your customer can choose preferred payment method and complete payment. Payable amount in cryptocurrency will be calculated automatically once a customer chooses preferred payment method.

There's also an option to quick-scan the provided QR-code for convenient mobile payments.

Invoice is valid for 30 minutes (to avoid significant exchange rate fluctuations). If no payment detected within this time frame, invoice is marked as expired/cancelled. 

If, for any reason, payment comes too late or if the amount paid in cryptocurrency is insufficient, then this invoice get the "mispaid" status. Amount paid goes straight to your account though, so you can decide either to accept this payment or to refund it.